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Major National Newspaper: Sabah Gazetesi

Computers Can Speak Sign Language Now

One of the leading newspapers of Turkey interviewed about the major leap in hand shape recognition and hand skeleton tracking technology by SigmaRD.

Major National TV Channel: ATV

Prime Time News!

SigmaRD hits the prime time news on Atv, nationwide broadcasting channel, for its leading Natural User Interface technology.

Remote Controller is Dead!
ATV Prime Time News

Success Story on Famous Entrepreneur News Site

SigmaRD recognized as a success story by leading regional technology news media

SigmaRD taught the computer to speak sign language. Link.

CeBIT 2011 EuroAsia

PARDUS Linux Distribution Port of SigmaRD’s software

SigmaRD’s hand gesture recognition technology made it possible the control PARDUS Operating System (A Linux Distro). Using simple hand gestures as shortcuts along with mouse like pointer control.

Pardus OS Gesture Controller

TEB Kobi TV News

Entrepreneurs’ Web TV interviews SigmaRD

Watch it here.