SigmaNIL Framework Launch, together with OpenNI 2.0!

As of 17.12.2012, SigmaNIL Framework public beta version is available for download through OpenNI website at the same time with OpenNI 2.0, and from SigmaNIL official website. SigmaNIL will empower Natural User Interface developers.

We are proud to say that, amongst its peers, SigmaNIL is the most promising tool so far with its versatility, user friendliness and customizable features.

For further details go to SigmaNIL website.

SigmaRD received the Grand Prize at CVPR 2012

The worlds most important computer vision event in academia, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference, hosted the Gesture Challenge 2012 last Summer. SigmaRD was the winner once again!

SigmaRD participated with their project “A Unified Framework for Concurrent Usage of Hand Gesture, Shape and Pose”. For details see CVPR Gesture Challenge webpage.

You can also visit our press page for former achievements.

Our Founder/CEO now an advisory board member of OpenNI!

Check out the new OpenNI website.